Hi there! My name is Amber Temerity and I’m a website hoarder…

(*psst* this is the part where ya’ll say in unison – “Hi, Amber!”)

For over a year, I tried to come up with a site name that would fit exactly what I was looking to offer – services on blogging and building profitable systems, but one that also encompassed developing and nurturing a productive mindset.

Time went on and I thought maybe I’d keep on with what I already had in place…

Then on January 20th 2018, which would’ve been my grandma’s 70th birthday had she not passed in 2001, an idea struck.

I was sitting outside, thinking about the family I grew up with and how crazy they are on my mom’s paternal side (don’t know MY paternal side at all). They all smoke cigarettes, they all have rage problems, my grandpa is the only one left of his four siblings – all cancer, all originating from alcoholism and/or smoking.

Seriously every funeral there’s a running joke – “What’s the difference between a Bukovich wedding and a Bukovich funeral?….One less drunk.” (Bukovich being my grandpa’s last name.)

And I thought to myself how much I DON’T ever want to be like them, when suddenly I said out loud to myself “Well…don’t be a Bukovich. Be a Lewner woman.” (Lewner being my grandma’s maiden name.)

My grandma was one of the most powerful women I know. Everyone just gravitated to her and she exuded a light all her own, a light that was extinguished far too soon.

So in honor of Arlene Margaret Lewner, I give you…

The Lunar Woman

brown hair woman sitting on couch holding blue planner

About Amber Temerity

In case you’re COMPLETELY new to who I am (whaaaat??), my name is Amber Temerity and I’m a digital marketing consultant and blogging mentor; I teach online business owners how to get out from under the overwhelm and build strategic frameworks that help them make more money in less time.

What makes ME qualified to teach, you ask? Well, prior to launching my first for-profit website in November of 2015 (which is still goin’ strong today!), I worked at a local college, helping students master time management, organizational leadership, and marketing.

In fact, I was so good at my job that United Way Worldwide named me Campus Advisor of the Year in 2014!

I spent over 7 years working in Education before deciding that my life lay elsewhere. I had grown tired of living for the weekend and working to make someone else rich. So I put my expertise to use and launched an e-course on budgeting. Since then, I’ve taught over 800 people how to better market themselves online and pull in higher profits with less pressure.

I am a work-at-home mom with two children, a daughter who is 3 and a son who is 4. My husband and I also have a 4 yr old dog, a 20 yr old cat, and two feral kittens who seem to think they’re moving in with us…

When I’m not working to help my clients implement efficiency strategies and develop system analysis routines, I can be found blogging for Thrifty Guardian, my frugal living site, or helping my husband run Fit2Father, a healthy living blog for dads.

Life is always busy, but if you take the time each day to pause and recognize its beauty amidst the chaos, you’ll find each day shines a bit brighter than the last.